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I have the best friends ever.
I love you all SO much.
We've all had our differences and more than our fair share of drama, but I wouldn't trade you guys for anything.

D: (not for the squeamish)

 ok, so last night sucked ass. Things really haven't been going well lately. so last night, i decide to take ahot bath to just relax and unwind, When im done soaking, I (stupidly) grab onto the wall mounted soap tray to support myself standing up. of course, a cheap piece of porcelain such as that isnt a very good support for a fatass like me. :P 

The dish decided to break, and i fall back down a few inches as i see a dark red torrent beginning to mingle with the tub water and go down the drain. at first i thought it was just a somewhat minor cut, until i looked down at my hand and saw a large hole with what was clearly a bone running inside it. Always modest, I struggled to throw on some boxers before running into the living room crying "hospital! now!" thats when I noticed that the hand i was waving around at everyone was not clenched in a fist as i had meant to, but rather i was very rudely flipping the bird to my roomies....oh great, no control of middle finger at all....FUCK!

Sam was awesome and jumped up to fetch sassy from the bathroom (he stopped mid-stream, I believe :P) and quickly helped me get a shirt on. JP, edges, and sassys cars are all undrivable, so mine it is! sassy hopped into the drivers seat, with edge and i in tow. luckily the er is so close. 

When we get there, after filling out paperwork and getting insurance info, im taken to the back room to get cleaned up (still bleeding profusely) and they confirm my suspicions that i severed the tendon. Oh goodie! The needle used to numb my hand prior to stitching was the worst pain i had ever felt. Despite trying to stay strong in front of sassy and edge I finally let out a big "FUUUUUCK!" as the needle was jammed directly into the wound.

So now im all wrapped up, my hand completely unusable and I have to see a specialist monday. 

Throughout everything though, eveyrone was amazing! Sam and JP, thank you so much for cleaning my mess, and sorry you had to deal with it. Sassy and edge, things would have been so much worse if you hadn't accompanied me, and kept my spirits high. 

Ill keep everyone updated.

But yay ER Popsicles xP

Happy Birthday!

to bitlupine ! Send lots of love and gifts and stuff his way. XP

100 Truths Meme

I don't do these very often, but my journal is lacking lately. :P

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It's over.

Yup. Sucks.

I'm so confused...

I see all these people posting things such as 'thats why I'm avoiding/staying off livejournal today." Where are they posting these little gems? ON LIVEJOURNAL. LOGIC BROKEN

Booked for FC

Just a quick message here, I'm all registered and the flight is booked for fc, so it doesn't look like I'm gonna have a repeat of the last two years' cancellations. See y'all there!

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Three sets of three words.

Back in Orlando

Time for Sleep

That is All.


So yeah. As obsessive as I am about checking my friends page every day, I should probably start posting here a lot more. So I'm going to try for a daily blurb. Wheeeeee.

Anyway, for the past few days I've been spending time with my family up in the Florida Panhandle. Not much has changed around here since I moved. Except we got a new Arby's....oh boy? 

Going to be traveling around a bit for the next couple weeks/months. Going back to Orlando tomorrow for two weeks, then back up here for a huge family/redneck gathering for the Sunday before Thanksgiving at my Grandmother's house. Then over to Birmingham, AL for Thanksgiving Day, back to the panhandle, where I'm going to help out my old Best Buy store with the black friday sale, back to orlando for the last bit of classes/final exams. And after that I may hang around the panhandle a bit on my winter break. Spend some time both up here and in Orlando.

After that, moving into January I'll be starting my new classes (so far I have Computer Science I, Object Oriented Programming, and Writing for Technical Professionals) on January 7th. Couple weeks of classes and then it's on to Further Confusion in San Jose, CA. I've heard nothing but good things about it but fate has prevented me from going the last two years, even when all the preparations were made. Here's hoping that I'll actually be able to carry through with it this year!

Among everything else, I have plans in the works for another Paws Fur a Cause outing. If you don't know what PFC is, then SHAME ON YOU. Go here and sign up: http://www.pawsfuracause.com

That should do it for now. :D